Friday, April 20, 2012

Black Apple Doll

I have made one of these cute dolls before, it was fun but I didn't get creative with her. This time I added some cute details. You can find the pattern and tutorial over on Martha's Website, here. I had so much fun adding some pig tails, bows, trim, shoes and I even sewed her a little ruffle skirt that can be taken on and off. HMP_9602web Here she is without the skirt on. I think the flower trim added just a little bit of extra cuteness! I needed help deciding if I wanted to give her away with the skirt or without it. So I asked my facebook friends and every single one said keep the skirt. :) This was before I added the flower trim. Now she is darling either way! dollweb I hope the little girl I'm giving her to loves her! Now I need to make more! It's a good thing I have several friends with little girls to spoil! :) I found the tutorial and pattern for the shoes here.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Something for me!

It's been a while since I have made something cute for myself. Well, to wear anyways. :) I found this shirt at a fill a bag sale at Kid to Kid. Love that they have some junior clothes there that I can fit into. Anyway I bought some trim from Hobby Lobby and sewed it around the collar.. and TADA!! I LOVE IT!
Easy Peasy and fun and flirty!! :) I'm currently adding some trim similar to it to a dress. I hope it turns out just as darling!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

K's 4th Birthday

Last year I decided to throw K a Birthday party where he could invite a few friends. He told me who he wanted to invite and chose the theme for the party.. Construction. I spent weeks working on little details for the event. I had a blast doing it. I wish I would have started planning sooner, because I had a lot more ideas. :)
Here is the table set up.
I made this darling banner with my silhouette. I am quite proud of how cute it turned out.
I made the cake too. My first ever! I was really nervous but it turned out pretty cute. AND YUMMY! The frosting.. oh my word.. you must make it on your next cake, you won't regret it! It just melt in your mouth! chocolate frosting The kids got a kick out of the chocolate rocks too!
I made them all a sack lunch. Complete with a truck shaped PB&J, white cheddar popcorn(boulders), go-gurts (cement), and carrots(lumber). I made all the little containers and labels with my silhouette using the print and cut feature.
Cute little party favors.. I found tool shaped bath squirters and bubbles also shaped like tools.. they also got a street sign sucker and the girls got orange and yellow flowers for their hair. I LOVED how the little thank you tags turned out. Also made them with my silhouette(it was a life saver for this party!)
Sign I made for the front door
Caution cone bunting that lead to the front door. I also had caution cones at the end of the driveway with balloons attached to them.
K insisted on a pinata. I found this cute dump truck one
All of the kids built something out of wood.. boys built race cars and girls built bird houses.
Each child had a construction hat with their name on it. Cut the vinyl with of course.. my silhouette. I think it's safe to say just about everything from this party was made with the help of my silhouette.
I made K a shirt with tools on it.. his request.
We played pin the nail on the hammer.. all of them could see through the blind fold.. except 2 of them.
He got so many presents he loves them all! He was pretty excited for grave digger!
K had the hardest time blowing out that one candle. It was pretty funny.. I wondered if we had bought a trick one.. but nope.. he was just having a hard time hehe.

It was such a successful Birthday! I had such a blast creating everything for it. I can't wait until this years.. the theme is Monster trucks.

Friday, January 13, 2012


I made this today. I have no Valentine decor what-so-ever. I have a hard time finding stuff I like for the holiday. In my opinion a lot of it is pretty cheesy. Anyway I got my inspiration for this from here.
I'm not sure if I like it or not. Maybe it's the ribbon? Or maybe I need to make it some color other than white. I don't know. hehe.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


I decided I wanted to make a smaller version of my pumpkin patch pumpkins. A set that I can put in the house. I got a 2x4 and went to work. I also added a bit of my style to these ones. I think they turned out adorable.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


I have been having some fun making some cute halloween crafts. I don't own any Halloween decor.. sad isn't it? I decided this year it's about time I do something about that! I made this cute sign and little mummy.
The mummy tutorial I found on Craftiholics Anonymous. I have roughed him up a little with some ink since I took this picture.

Next I made these cute pumpkins.. Man they were definitely a time consuming project. But they turned out darling.. They looks so cute on my front porch.

I also made this cute wreath. :) I'm starting to actually like Halloween..

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Graphic Shirts

I have always enjoyed making graphic shirts. In fact in college I needed an elective class and I took a screen printing class and LOVED it! I was in my last trimester of pregnancy with my first child.. So, I don't think I took full advantage of the situation. But now that I have 2 boys I'm making shirts all the time! My husband always jokes that our house looks like a screen printing shop. I don't do screen printing.. I wish!! I just create vinyl stencils with my silhouette machine and then use fabric paints. I'm usually doing things for the boys but I decided to make me something this time!
I love going to the thrift store and finding great t-shirts for only $1! Here is a little close up of the detail
I've made my husband a few shirts recently as well. This one I made today. We saw one similar to it on an episode of Good Luck Charlie. My hubby liked it so I made him my own version.